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Injection of an area anesthetic into the epidural Room of your spine to forestall or eliminate pelvic ache.

An organ consisting of specialized cells that provides and sends hormones to the bloodstream, affecting several processes all over the system.

A transparent, transparent, sometimes faintly yellow and a bit opalescent fluid that is definitely gathered within the tissues through the entire physique, flows inside the lymphatic vessels (with the lymph nodes), and it is eventually extra to the venous blood circulation.

Inflammation during the meninges, the covering of the brain and spinal wire, frequently attributable to a virus or micro organism. menopause

An endocrine gland Found beneath the brain that supplies various hormones that govern a lot of crucial processes in the body.

Tubular structures that class in the liver and carry bile – a greenish-yellow fluid – towards the gallbladder and tiny intestine wherever it is used to support digest Fats.

White blood cells of the lymphatic system, which is Element of the human body’s immune process. The 2 key subgroups of lymphocytes are: B cells Click Here that generate antibodies and T cells that ruin disease-causing pathogens.

The outermost layer of 3 meninges, or membranes, that surround the spinal wire along with the brain. In Latin, this means "challenging mother." The name is apt, as the membrane is thick and strong, and Generally firmly attached for the interior side on the skull.

A procedure by which the cervix is dilated as well as the internal lining on the uterus is scraped to get rid of the uterine contents.

Also referred to as the throat, the passageway that extends from instantly powering the mouth and nasal cavity towards the esophagus and abdomen. phlebectomy

An x-ray process that requires the injection of the distinction product immediately into the liver to supply photographs of the bile ducts. perforation

A preparation that involves injecting liquid into the intestine in the rectum, or administering medicine or foodstuff to aid obvious the bowel.

Radiation of enough Electrical power to dissociate atoms or molecules into electrically charged atoms or radicals inside the irradiated substance.

Biometrics needs a consumer to provide a novel identifier, like a fingerprint or voice sample, which can be in comparison to a stored report prior to the user can gain use of the computer.

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